Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fox News: Rooting for America to Fail Since November 2008

To most Americans with more than a few brain cells Fox News is a monolithic establishment that exercises its ability to deter, mislead, and misinform its viewers with an obviously(at least to non-viewers) GOP based agenda behind it all. On February 10th the Republican National Comity released a memo titled, "Pundit Prep." This document was apparently released in response to the DOW's recovery to north of 13000 for the first time since the 2008 sell off. It contained information to focus on regarding the economy in media outlets to,"...mitigate the damage from the improved economy." The day after this was released to GOP insiders the media mammoth Fox News began spinning all talk of the economy to exactly what was listed in the memo. This wouldn't surprise anyone, but the fact that Steve Doocy read directly from the memo and even announced that he was doing so just might! Jon Stewart brought this to the nation's attention and hammered Fox News for this on his February 28th broadcast posted below. It astonishes me that such blatant misinformation is permitted in our media. And its not just the fact that they are deliberately misleading their viewers in the effort of bolstering their army of deluded regurgitators, its the fact that a media organization can be buddied up so close to a political party that they are basing programing off of party memos. Anyone have access to RNC's Memos? I'd love to play some matchup while painfully watching Fox News programming.

Here is the Daily Show Clip:

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